Alawwal Bank | Retail Design  project

category Concept Design in Riyadh , KSA

Over a coffee customers can browse for
banking products and instantly open an account

Experience a faster and more convenient banking experience in a fun and relaxed environment,
7 days a week at your favorite time. Located in Riyadh’s popular Al Nakheel Mall, our “Ibda” branch offers an amazing and unique experience where you can fulfill, transact and discover while having your Costa coffee.

IBDA offers customers a unique banking experience designed to create a seamless and personalised service, benefitting from the latest digital technology in a relaxed café style setting.

An integrated lifestyle experience and a new way to do banking in a comfortable setting. Over a coffee customers can browse for banking products, apply for, and instantly open an account and receive their debit or credit card before finishing their coffee. Self-service interactive video banking facility enabling customers to conduct their advance banking needs.

An integrated lifestyle experience