Asia Tang | Hospitality Design & Branding  project

category Concept Design in Dubai, UAE


Contrasting elements blend together to create truly unique flavors and designs in this authentic & contemporary Asian restaurant in Dubai.

Asian fusion cuisine gets its flavor superpowers from the embrace of unexpected elements and contrasts. What some might see as contradictions, fusion sees as opportunities to give authentic depth and balance to something entirely new. As a great philosopher once put it: “You need the Yin and the Yang to make it yummy.” (Full disclosure: we just made that up.) Asia Tang infuses this fusion philosophy into its flavor-packed design, concept and menu.

Fusion sees as opportunities to give authentic depth & balance to something entirely new.

Located in the Spring Souk shopping mall in Dubai, Asia Tang offers shoppers a genuine experience that enhances the daily life of the local community. It is an escape from the norm, a though-out fusion of flavors, ideas and rich details. When Aces of Space was approached to come aboard and make it special, we happily sat down, let our minds drift into unexplored conceptual space and came back down with a fully-formed conceptual universe, including interior design, graphic design, menu design, packaging and collateral elements. Then we set about making it real

The open kitchen offers you a glimpse of the chefs applying their masterful skills to the fresh dish of your choice. But the real eye-catcher here is the mesmerizing wall graphic by Eskader. In keeping with the authentic concept, this artwork was painted directly onto the wall. It is inspired by Gauguin’s late 19th-century masterpiece ‘Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?’, blending in Asian and contemporary graphic elements. Again: European vs. Asian, old vs. new, art vs. design… contrasts that blend together to create something

new and unique.

The Asia Tang logo says it all, fusing Asian and European elements to create a contemporary look & feel. Although it might look like non-alphabetic Asian script at first glance, this logo is actually based on the Western alphabet, specifically the A and T, creating a completely new blend between an acronym and a logographic character. If you’re not making *mind.blown.* noises right now, you’re missing the point.

The design of Asia Tang’s interior space is set up as a traditional European bistro, fused with both traditional and contemporary Asian influences. Although the overall feel is warm, light and inviting, there are nostalgic elements and references - e.g. ceiling fans, authentic pen portraits and delicately crafted pottery - that create a more layered experience. You know when you lift a spoonful of soulful food to your lips and you instantly feel both comforted and intrigued? It’s kind of like that. Contrast and color are used throughout, but always in a subtle and balanced way, so nothing disturbs the relaxed, family-friendly vibes.


European vs. Asian

Old vs. New

Art vs. Design

The artwork was painted directly on the wall and just like the Asia Tang concept itself, it's an easy-on-the-eyes surface that invites further exploring.