Barnaba | Hospitality Design  project

category Interior Design in Koersel, Belgium

A beautiful multiverse of generous 
design experiences

Welcome to Barnaba, the one-time residence of the eccentric, globe-trotting mayor of Koersel. A deliciously eclectic journey awaits you, taking you through a multiverse of sensory experiences, including dinner, drinks and inspiring environments to meet and connect with friends and professionals.

You are entering the old Town Hall of Koersel.

Once upon a time, the eccentric mayor Barnaba used to return here from his exotic travels with suitcases full of splendours and surprises, eager to share it all with his guests. Now it’s your turn. 

Each room has its own functionality and character with unexpected experiences and design elements everywhere you turn. Take a seat in the living room, where contemporary design takes the curious and quirky spirit of mayor Barnaba under its pink flamingo wings. Settle in at the bar & open kitchen area to take a cheeky peek at the chef’s secrets.

Aces of Space worked its trademark magic on the conceptual and physical transformation of this local landmark, respecting both the historical grandeur of the building and the exuberant and generous character of its legendary former host.

The richly stocked library separates the kitchen from the long and lusciously decorated tables of the restaurant, so you can feast your eyes on your surroundings while feasting on the food experiences served up by the generous Barnaba staff.

There's a surprise 
behind every corner

 There’s a surprise behind every corner and lots of corners, nooks and details to discover. The unique structural identity of the spaces was left relatively intact, but re-imagined to welcome and overwhelm its 21st-century guests. In every room you enter or whatever you eat or drink, you can feel, see and experience the love and creative focus that went into Barnaba.

Your presence is requested in the awesome ballroom, perfect for dancing, meeting and other important life events. This space is (very) pretty-in-pink, reflecting the historical grandiosity of the local beau-monde in its grand mirrors. A smaller, more intimate side-room is quite literally and dramatically covered in flowers.

The unique
structural identity
of the spaces was
left intact