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Burgers & Beers
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Black Goose Dubai

At the Sheraton JBR Hotel in Dubai, a new kind of animal has reared its head. Stamped with a handmade feel and wide-ranging appeal, sporty yet suave, this hotel bar serves prime Buns and Brews (burgers and beers) that will leave guests quacking with delight.



Black Goose has fluttered down to earth with the help of Aces of Space, providing a warm nest in the shape of a premium bar and lounge for the discerning traveller. Fusing contemporary design with traditional twists and turns, our challenge lay in blending all focal points together in order to ruffle the feathers of our target audience (in the good way).

exhilarating vibes sought after in a sports bar


Aces of Space dreamt up the name, logo and interior graphics spearheaded by a stamp logo reminiscent of authentic craftsmanship. Designing the uniforms, social media template and wall graphics came next. The prime golden colors of the branding refer to the amber luster of beer and the logo unites both bird and grain, fanning out to the interior elements and signs. In an eggshell, Aces of Space sought to yin-yang the Black Goose branding to provide balance between the bold font and stylized symbols.

Stamped with a
handmade feel and
wide-ranging appeal

Inside, the main focal feature sticks out like a duck’s tail: a huge mirrored back wall with bottles showcasing the variety in beers as a colorful backdrop for guests to harvest insta-likes in front of. The variety in seating and various TV screens provide the exhilarating vibes sought after in a sports bar, appealing to both men and women.

Beers and gardens have gone hand in hand for centuries, just ask ze Germans, and the yard at Black Goose blends in seamlessly with the interior thanks to matching furniture. A canopy offers shady shelter from the hot Emirati sun and acts as a backdrop for cozy string lights and hanging plants.

You might never leave, thanks to outdoor cooking facilities adding another slice of experience to the concept and customer journey.
Take a gander, stay a while.