Brussels Airlines | Pop Up Design  project

category Concept Design in Brussels, BE

A Boutique Hotel in the Air

Commissioned by Balthazar Events. we created several hotelrooms in the Pop-up Boutique Hotel in the Air. During the 3-day event, press, staff and special relationships from Brussels Airlines were welcomed in the pop-up hotel to experience the new cabin seats for the long haul flights. The old building was transformed into a Boutique Hotel in the Air where coloured light, good food, music and design created a sensorial journey for the guests.

The room in which the new Premium Economy seats were revealed became the library, a place where the guests could feel at ease, a library look and feel with the colours of the premium economy brand from Brussels Airlines.

The Business Class Room reflected a 5 ⭐️ hotelroom in which the guests experienced a sense of luxury. The same experience they feel when flying Business Class with Brussels Airlines. 

The 'Economy Room' needed to have a young, vibrant and colourful feeling. The room  surprises and provokes a sense of wanderlust to attract the younger targetgroup of Brussels Airlines