Charlie's Pathé Schouwburgplein | Brand Identy  project

category Brand Identity in Rotterdam, NL

Charlie's canteen

For Pathe Cinemas, one of the biggest Movie Theaters in Europe, Aces of Space was asked to design the interior concept as well as creating the brand identity. As Charlie was one of the founding fathers of Pathe Cinemas and Charlie’s is one of the first hospitality concepts Pathe develops, we thought this name suits the place best.

The interior design itself is clean and crispy so our goal was to add a second layer with the graphic design concept. Big visuals were created for every letter of the name Charlie’s. Every letter is surrounded by iconic movies starting with this specific letter. Do you know which movie titles matches each letter?

As the concept is a self service fast casual dining concept , the packaging design was important. Every tray and every dish is branded with Charlie’s wrapping paper, soup cups and napkins.

The huge Neon letters in the window will make sure Charlie’s doesn’t stay unnoticed.