Clouds | Product Design  project

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"there’s nothing wrong
with having your head in
the clouds from
time to time"

reliving the golden ages

The CLOUDS collaboration brings together two design studios that believe there’s nothing wrong with having your head in the clouds from time to time.

In theme, the design duos sought to create a port hole to the sky, allowing temporary escape from the day to day hustle, and the opportunity step in to the world of the impractical which they believe can lead to discovery.

Looking to the “Dutch Masters” of the Golden Age that are known for their beautiful landscape paintings, specifically their cloud settings. The CLOUD collaboration captured a fragment from Jacob van Ruisdael's "A Panoramic View of Amsterdam looking towards the IJ” originally painted around 1665-70.

Working with the National Art Gallery London who owns the original masterpiece, Most Modest and Aces of Space obtained the license to create and reproduce Clouds from Jacob van Ruisdael’s original work.