Fat Chow | Hospitality Design & Branding  project

category Interior & Branding Design in Dubai, UAE




Fat Chow is a buzzing Cantonese restaurant and cocktail bar in The Point, Dubai. Its origin story goes back to when Aces of Space absorbed the abundant energy and boldness of the streets of Hong Kong and transformed it into a concept powerful and dynamic enough to slay a dragon.

The buzzworthy exterior design of the restaurant radiates the energy you’ll find inside, using neon elements that make a colorful comeback in the interior design.

The choice of several different food stations is an authentic tribute to the Hong Kong street food scene, as are the Aces of Space-designed street art posters on the walls.

Guests approaching the stations are encouraged to directly discover the different textures and flavors of the Cantonese cuisine, as advertised by the brightly shining signage.













energy & boldness
of the streets
of Hong Kong

The Fat Chow logo - also designed by Aces of Space - distils the dragon-level energy of the concept into a subtle and instantly recognizable branding element that breathes both contemporary and timeless design.




The smart interior spacing and lighting make it possible to adjust the atmosphere and transform the downstairs daytime restaurant into a comfortable upstairs late-night cocktail bar, serving up Eastern mystery realness with authentic bar food.