Harper's Bazaar Café | Brand Identity  project

Brand Identity UAE, Dubai

Delivering a product that was aligned with what the brand promises.

To make the design concept complete Aces of Space created a coherent universe of branded assets adding a second layer to the concept which, like the magazine itself, defines the identity of the Café and Branding while leaving plenty of opportunity for storytelling within.


The branding design consists out of a packaging range with a beautiful colour palette which has a fashionable and sophisticated look and feel.

The menu reads away like the magazine itself and the take away cups are stylish as well.




The food menu itself was carefully chosen and created by Chef Duncan and meets the expectations of the customers when thinking of Harpers Bazaar. Feminine food with refined flavours and a mix of signature dishes from around the globe. Aces of Space was, during the whole project, deeply involved because we feel every single detail is equally important.

The world's first Harper's Bazaar Café was launched in Dubai bringing together the legacy of the iconic fashion magazine and high end hospitality.