Het Loo Palace, De Balzaal | Interior Design  project

category Hospitality Design in Apeldoorn The Netherlands

Back then,'showcasing, was literally a case, or a cupboard to show off the cool stuff you could afford

Aces of Space held court with Conceptional and Albron to launch this historic space into the 21st century while also respecting its regal roots of Royal Paleis het Loo.

Every little detail of its new design has its place within the rich historic background of its sumptuous surroundings.

A design with respect to the history of the place

We thought it would be an ace idea to create different kinds of showcases: a cabinet, carpets shaped like the lush gardens with royal colors, indoor bar, outdoor mobile bar, “Oranjerie” (outdoor presentation).

A location like this deserves a restaurant that lives up to its aristocratic surroundings

Old and new, inside and outside, luxury and a cozy feel: it’s all part of one supremely comfortable and inviting space. Fun fact: after the renovations were finished, consumption levels of locals and tourists almost tripled. Now that’s the kind of feedback we like to treasure.