JJ House | Brand Identity  project

category Branding Design in Antwerp, Belgium


Ever heard the phrase: ‘It all starts somewhere?’ This is that place. Maybe you’ll start a career here. Maybe you’ll meet the talent that will transform your business. Maybe you’ll think of new ideas over a cup of coffee or lunch or meet that new person while dancing. Whatever it is, the Home of the Now is here for it.

When creating a logo we always go back to the story. In this case we go back to the 17th century when Jacob Jordaens, a flemish painter was the leading Flemish Baroque Painter of his day. In the year 2018 the former estate of Jacob Jordaens became JJ House, a.k.a. Home of the Now, a social hub for the Next Genity.

The logo for JJ is composed out of the skyline from Antwerp, the initials of Jacob Jordaens and the floorplan of the JJ estate. When all these elements are brought together you'll get a contemporary but sophisticated logo which tells a story. Just the way we want!

Graphics where designed for the Wanna Grow and Wanna Work spaces. The look and feel of these work spaces are light, vibrant with colour pops and the graphics are the same featuring some icons which are work and next genity related matching the brand identity of JJ House.






Besides graphics and brand related items such as the logo and stationary we created also the official invite, sales brochure, goodies and press kit...with all the brandcolours, fonts and graphical elements we were able to give every item another look and feel but placed next to each other it's one JJ family.

The Bohemian lounge wouldn't be the Bohemian Lounge without the huge handpainted wall-graphic of a surrealistic Jacob Jordaens. The use of bold colours, brush strokes and a self portrait of the man himself give this place the graphic it deserves.