JJ House | Office Design  project

category Interior Design in Antwerp, Belgium


Ever heard the phrase: ‘It all starts somewhere?’ This is that place. Maybe you’ll start a career here. Maybe you’ll meet the talent that will transform your business. Maybe you’ll think of new ideas over a cup of coffee or lunch or meet that new person while dancing. Whatever it is, the Home of the Now is here for it.

The former coach house where Jacob Jordaens used to stall his carriage and where the horses were prepared is now functioning as a meeting space for larger groups. In the summer the doors are open for the public for a drink and a good conversation. The backbar, once a trough, has been untouched which gives the bar even more character.

JJ House is a place where more operations are facilitated under one roof and by doing this we believe you can maximize interactions (between co-workers and visitors), foster collaboration & innovation (you can learn by watching & doing) and melt work & life together to promote a sense of community or belonging and so on.

Horizontal multi-building or multi-spacing comes from the idea that future employees seek a work/life integration predicated on the ability to seamlessly move between the spheres of their lives, like an open micro community within a city. That exactly was our goal when designing these spaces for the #nextgenity.
We have integrated co-working spaces which allow the people who will work there to meet people with similar skills and interests. Wanna Grow is an activation space where people can meet, eat, talk, learn and work and is situated between the co-working zone and the regular Wanna Work office space.



The Home of the Now is a perfect example of a community driven workspace and we believe that community driven workspaces are for brands who believe in offering people (employees, visitors and clients) the right experience, facilitate them with everything they need and give them a space where they can connect with and can be inspired by peers.


The Bohemian Lounge & Bar is a place where people can relax, grab a coffee, hold a meeting or meet a friend during lunch. The huge wall graphic is handpainted onto the wall and connect the lounge with the bar area making a bold statement in colours.

Are You Lost Yet?

As the space has several functions and spaces you easily get lost but no worries, Aces of Space took care of the signage as well.