JW Marriott Marquis Dubai | Hospitality Design  project

category Concept Design in Dubai, UAE


The design of this new sports bar and place to be in the JW Marriott Marquis in Dubai should serve to further its customer experience and level of Hospitality by reflecting the Marriott brand values, bringing them to the forefront of each interaction and experience whilst building them to a level that surpasses customer expectations.

Aces of Space chose Storytelling and Engagement as their "game plan" and took inspiration out of the vintage clubhouses from the past. From the more upscaled and sophisticated golf and cricket clubs to the less luxurious but vibrant soccer clubs. The lounges, canteens and dressing rooms forms the backbone for the story and design of Bridgewater Tavern.

Entering the space, the customers walk into the game room which a huge score board on which the games are communicated and a art-deco inspired staircase with a custom made designed light feature guiding the customers upstairs to the Club House.

The inspiration for the bar came from the typical locker rooms from the past. A mix of materials -wood, leather and steal- makes the place appealing to both men and women and gives the place a contemporary look and feel. A huge, blue-ish, steal feature, placed above the central bar is a eye-catcher and makes the bar a true center piece.