Kamu Restaurant | Hospitality Design  project

category Hospitality Design in Antwerp, Belgiun

A blend between the names of the restaurant’s founders: Karlien and Manu. Kamu.

This lovely, culinary-crazed couple of young Antwerpians have made it their life’s work to create a space where everybody can feel welcome and enjoy a fine meal made from scratch. Honest, fresh ingredients are the foundation of Kamu’s constantly changing (and always pleasantly surprising) menu, so Aces of Space cooked up a design concept that’s as fresh and inviting as morning market vegetables.


Aces of Space added warm details of colour and texture

Kamu’s kitchen, main dining area, outside terrace and first floor event space wHoere all given a crisp, modern, no-frills but also warm, pleasant and personal feel. To maximize every inch of available space, we took a minimalist approach and added warm details of colour and texture: just enough to make you feel right at home.