Kantine | Concept Developtment and Design  project

category Pop Around Concept in Hasselt Belgium

Pop-Around Food Concept

Haute Friture 

Aces of Space had the opportunity to create a pop-around food concept for a very high profile client, …themselves. “KANTINE” – canteen – was born as a pigheaded food concept which could reinvent itself for every event. We wanted to go out of the box, be bold, make a statement. Not only in its design and communication but also in its menu.


Kantine‘s made its first appearance during the 2014 Football World Cup in the city centre of Hasselt (BE). From a ‘shack’ they offered ‘Haute Friture’. Cold beers and thick classic Belgian fries with a twist. The ‘red devils’ didn’t end up winning, but sure did Kantine, being the coolest spot in town!