La Colline | Hospitality Design & Branding  project

category Interior & Branding Design in Oss, The Netherlands

Hills & Hollandaise
French casual dining in the Dutch heartland

Paris is magic after midnight, alive with casual elegance and forever carrying with it the stories of the roaring twenties. “La Colline” is a place where that magic is transported into the here and now of a French brasserie in Oss, the Netherlands.


The best places to hang out are those that tell a compelling story. “La Colline” is a true raconteur, sharing its own history as a French bistro and the deeper, richer story of the French brasserie in its heyday: the Jazz Age in Paris, when poets, painters, “hommes d’affaires” and people from all walks of life met each other under the glowing brasserie lights. Aces of Space combined the magical powers of nostalgia - minus the déjà vu - and contemporary design to create a place that welcomes its current guests into the past, present and future of this typically French casual elegance. Is nostal-chic a word? It is now.

We view life through the lens of our own experience; so we spared no effort to create a unique “La Colline” filter that instantly coats reality with a pleasant, slightly nostalgic and welcoming feel. “La Colline” means “the place on the hill”, so the interior design uses rolling, rich, velvety green accents throughout the space. This particular shade of green also filters and softens the angle of the light, enhancing the “nostal-chic” (we’re using it) vibes no matter where you look.

“nostal-chic” (we’re using it)

Le Orangerie

Guests enter the “La Colline” universe through the “orangerie”, an informal space with organic touches of greenery and varied plush furnishing that allows for casual apéritifs or sharing a meal outside.


The new bar is the first thing you see when you enter the interior space: a real eye-catcher that invites guests to sit down, enjoy a drink with a coterie of friends or order from the local cuisine


The salon in the back is slightly elevated, but everything here happens at a lower pace. Luxurious fabrics and lowered furniture lure the guests into a highly comfortable state of mind.


Even though the entire space was given a thorough make-over, much of its history remains part of both the interior design and the overall branding. “Le nouveau logo” is a more refined version of the past, with a subtle “clin d’œil” towards the meaning of the name in the stylized, hill-shaped design of the letter “A”. The menu, signage and staff couture are all part of the same redesign, adding texture and impact and deepening the experience & overall storyline of the design concept. Chef’s (French) kiss emoji!