Mana | Brand Identity  project

category Brand Identity in Maastricht, NL

"Beauty is not in the face, beauty is a light in the heart"

-Khalil Gibran-

If you feel good from the inside you shine from the outside but if you look good you feel good it's a vicious circle- a symbolic circle. This circle is what Mana stands for.

Mana invites you to experience, feel and enjoy your own beauty, by linking your inner- and outer beauty. The brand Mana tells a beautiful story nevertheless to translate such a deep message in a logo and brand identity wasn’t an easy job. Our inspiration came from the Kenzo World commercial designed by Spike Jonze.

Aces of Space teamed up with Eskader and designed the logo, business cards, visual identity and website design, a brand identity which communicate the Mana message.

4 symbols were integrated in the logo.
The diamond is hidden on the inside and equals authenticity.
Life is a mirror. The outer world mirrors your true self and teaches you what you still have to learn, experience and explore to take complete responsibility for yourself.
Taking responsibility brings love for your true self. This love reflects itself in your eyes and inspires people around you to do the same.
Infinity equals movement and grow.
The Diamond - Horus Eye- Mirror and Infinity Sign complete the logo and tell the Mana story.