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Pescado Me Mucho

Mexico is known for its vibrant colors, flavors and energy. So when Aces of Space was asked to rev up the interior, branding and experience of the Palapa Mexican seafood bar & restaurant in the Palm Jumeirah district in Dubai, our design muse instantly popped up in a mariachi outfit and serenaded us with a fun and lively concept that would transform the space into an appropriately playful Mexican hotspot by the waterfront.

The eclectic mix of Mexican colors, fonts, tiling, lighting and other references creates a distinctive spatial identity and a lively energy that draws in the guests. The signage is an intentionally bold tip of the Sombrero to the street-food roots of Mexican cuisine.



Dubai Dipped
in Mexican Flavors




Speaking of the ‘cocina’, the kitchen area is designed with an open,
marketplace feel so guests can appreciate the fresh ingredients
and passion for Latin flavors that spice up the menu.

The bar is a showstopper feature: centrally located as a place to get served or sit down, relax and enjoy your order. If you’re looking for a seafood spot with friendly Mexican vibes: this place is swimming in it.

vibrant colors,
flavors & energy