Synechron New York | Office Design  project

category Interior Design in New York, USA

 A stunning view does count!

Synechron is a globally expanding tech and business consultancy that expertly walks the thin line between finance and IT. Aces of Space developed the Global Office Concept underpinning their most cutting-edge office spaces and took the lead on creating their latest home base overlooking Times Square. A team spanning 3 continents was involved in the success of this project, with Aces of Space at the helm.



A variety of workspaces was created to accommodate both focused & non-focused activities while stimulating collaboration and the sharing of knowledge. Oak dividers add warmth, privacy and help define the spaces.

To make sure the office itself could compete with the stunning views of Times Square, we used rich material, vibrant colours and exquisite detailing befitting Synechron’s high quality standards. 

For several years now, Aces of Space has been collaborating closely with Synechron to develop a next-level office concept that’s smart, modular and flexible (integrating digital tools to promote smart working & drive innovation while also strengthening the brand). While creating their new office space in New York, we were able to keep building on this strong conceptual framework and deep knowledge of the brand, customising it to the specific needs and opportunities of the aspirational location.

The office kitchen was made from the material typical for New York’s iconic Hot Dog stands: a playful wink to the hustle and bustle down below, connecting the office space to its unique location.